CNC milling machine: Machining of high-quality metal products


Milling is a machining operation in which material is removed by a rotating tool, the end mill. Milling is an operation we perform on our Doosan 750 and 6500.

These machines are naturally CNC controlled and equipped with a wide selection of tools. Milling is often used for products with complex geometric shapes and precise tolerances.

In recent years we have gained considerable experience with products for the automotive sector, and these machines meet the most demanding requirements for this branch of industry. Our engineers make the necessary dies/tools to ensure that we can produce all products with the highest level of care and reproducibility. Our Doosan DMN 750 has an X-axis stroke of no less than 2150 mm, which allows us to machine larger products. CNC milling is much more accurate than the laser operations.

The costs of CNC milling are very attractive. Please contact us for answers to all your technical questions.