For VDL HMI (Helmondse Metaal Industrie) flexibility has always been a key strategic strength. When circumstances require, we are able to adapt the planning to quickly resolve your problem, both because we are genuinely committed and naturally because it is also in our own best interest. True flexibility is an absolute necessity when you produce sub-components, semi-finished products and complex assemblies in small (5) and large (100,000) series. We are strongly positioned in various markets, mainly due to our competitive pricing and dependable quality.

Underground containers

VDL HMI has been designing and manufacturing underground and above-ground waste systems for the European market for decades. Punch nibbling, laser cutting, welding and assembly are all done in-house, so specific needs can be easily accommodated.

Automotive industry

VDL HMI has been a supplier to the automotive industry from day one, so the need to meet strict quality standards such as PPAP, VDA6, ISO is deeply embedded within the organization. Large series of 100,000 pieces are no problem, and we guarantee that every product in the series is the same.

Mechanized agriculture

VDL HMI has been a supplier to the agricultural mechanization industry for many years. In this sector we work for the biggest brands. As in the automotive sector, the requirements here are very high and we work in accordance with the PPAP, EN1090 and EN14001 standards.

Construction industry

Since its founding VDL HMI has supplied a variety of products for the construction industry. For reasons of cost, quality and safety we weld many of these products with a robot. This also makes it possible for us to accommodate the fluctuating demand from our customers. For these customers we also provide the surface treatment and logistics.

Waste collection

In addition to underground waste containers HMI also supplies various products for the waste collection industry, such as dustbins, depot containers, etc. These products are made entirely in-house, and at the request of our customers we can also supply custom-made products.

Rehabilitation technology

VDL HMI produces products for the rehabilitation industry in collaboration with long-term partners. These products are of high quality and meet the strictest requirements. We help our customer and the patients by ensuring they always have access to high-quality, safe products.

Furniture industry

VDL HMI has worked with various customers in the furniture industry for some time now. We have already carried out several large-scale projects with these customers, for both offices and government agencies. We also make street furniture. In all of these cases we have further developed and produced the furniture as a complete line.