Punching/nibbling combined with sheet metal welding and SheetMaster


One of our core activities is laser cutting in combination with punching/nibbling. Laser cutting is one of the processing techniques we are specialized in. In addition, our Trumpf machine can also perform punching/nibbling. On this page we give you an explanation of punching/nibbling. Sheet metal processed with laser cutting results in beautiful products, and laser cutting in combination with punching/nibbling gives even greater efficiency and freedom of form.

In addition, a virtually limitless range of shapes can be punched in sheet metal.

In order to punch or nibble with a die, the shape will be determined in advance. With the relevant shape, we can then apply the requested contour, opening or 3D shape to the sheet metal. Up to 19 tonnes of pressure can be applied to a cm2. Contours we cannot punch can be laser cut on the same machine. The best of two worlds in one machine.

An additional advantage of this machine is that small products do not remain stuck to the sheet metal but rather fall through a trap door, are transported via a conveyor and are placed directly on the pallet.

The SheetMaster loads and unloads your punch or punch/laser products and reliably sorts them. Suction cups pick up sheets or pre-cut sheets from the loading station and move them to the machine table. The SheetMaster places processed pieces on a discharge platform.

Benefits of punching/nibbling in combination with laser cutting:

  • Laser cutting makes it possible to perform very fine cuts.
  • Punching provides a quick contour or pressing process.
  • This technique results in minimal loss of material.
  • With laser cutting, complex contours can be cut without difficulties.
  • And where the laser is slower than punching, punching can increase the speed.
  • The cost of a punch/laser combination is much lower compared to other sheet metal operations.
  • With a SheetMaster the products are automatically loaded onto the machine and stacked on a pallet after the operation.