Within VDL Groep, VDL HMI (Helmondse Metaal Industrie) has succeeded in finding its own specific niche. We operate as a supplier of light fabrication work involving sheet metal, tubular sections and box profiles. At present, we have around 125 employees.

One of the things that sets VDL HMI apart is that we can produce both semi-finished and finished products in-house, including assembly, packaging and related services. To achieve this we continuously invest in the most cutting edge manufacturing technologies available.

By combining know-how and capacity (including that of sister companies within VDL Groep when necessary), VDL HMI can serve as a complete partner and co-maker. When it comes to logistics we can also meet any requirement, including just-in-time (JIT) delivery.

Every product is made to customer specification, yet we also place great stake in alerting the customer when we feel there may be a better way to do things.

We offer you a wide range of possibilities. Customers from numerous branches of industry benefit from the added value we are able to provide through our advanced machinery, extensive experience and motivated professionals.

Together we ensure that our customers receive exactly what they need, when and how they need it.